About Breckenridge History


Breckenridge History enhances our community’s future by discovering, preserving, and sharing our diverse and extraordinary history.


Breckenridge History is a community-supported, nationally recognized leader in local historic preservation, historical interpretation, and tourism.

Breckenridge History (originally the Breckenridge Heritage Alliance) was established in 2006 by the Town of Breckenridge to manage town historic assets, execute historic preservation projects, curate exhibits, and share the history of our community through museums, guided tours, and other public events and programs. In 2015, Breckenridge History opened its archives room to serve as both a repository of one-of-a-kind archival materials as well as a research facility. Breckenridge History has undertaken a variety of one-time capital preservation and interpretive projects, both within town limits as well as at outlying sites on Town of Breckenridge and Summit County Government open space, and in partnership with the US Forest Service. Our scope, or “area of concentration,” includes the greater Breckenridge area, defined as Hoosier Pass (southern boundary) to Tiger Road/the Swan River (northern boundary), and from the Ten Mile Range (western boundary) to the Continental Divide (eastern boundary).

Board of Directors

Jerry Dziedzic, President
Larry Crispell, Vice President
Allyn Mosher, Treasurer
Rob Dollars
Johanna Gibbs
Peter Grosshuesch
Elisabeth Lawrence
Dan Vasti
Dennis Kuhn, Town Council Representative


You have a great mission – inspiring! History is such a gift; thank you for opening it to us.

Leigh did an amazing job. She was so knowledgeable, interesting and kind. Plus, we loved snowshoeing in such a beautiful location while learning at the history of mining.

Overall the selection, payment, and the hike were flawless. Mariana is an outstanding guide and was so informative. We really enjoyed our morning snowshoe hike. Thank you!

Employment Opportunities


Breckenridge History is seeking confident, well-spoken, people-oriented individuals to work in our museums and lead tours. Positions include year-round part time and seasonal part-time interpreters. Depending on the location or tour, interpreters work days, weekends, and evenings and are required to wear a provided costume or uniform and name tag. Please read the History Interpreter Job Description for more details.


We thank the many people and organizations that collaborate with and support our work!

The Town of Breckenridge, Saddle Rock Society, Colorado Humanities, Liam Doran, Danial Dunn, Carl Scofield, Robin Theobald, Bob Winsett, Jenise Jensen, and Denver Public Library-Western History Collection