November 13, 2023

Learn about Ute history for National American Indian Heritage Month

Learn about Ute history and their connection to Breckenridge as part of National American Indian Heritage Month.

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Breckenridge Band members kneel or stand with their musical instruments on the wooden sidewalk in front of Fireman's Hall on Main Street, Breckenridge, Colorado. Circa 1890s-1900s
August 06, 2023

Celebrating Breckenridge’s musical history

Learn more about Breckenridge’s musical history and the characters who have brought the sounds of summer to Breckenridge over the years.

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Headline from 1880 Rocky Mountain News stating "The Chinese notified by the miners that they 'must go'"
April 27, 2023

Our Collective History: Confronting difficult histories

One of our new blog post categories is Our Collective History, but what does that really mean? When we think about history, there are specific events, ideas, and people who have helped to shape eras and places in…

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March 23, 2023

The Mysteries of Fort Mary B.

The community of Breckenridge began in 1859-60 as a collection of rustic log cabins and a protective fort when a group of hearty prospectors and one woman over-wintered along the Blue River. The fort became known as Fort…

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March 22, 2023

Breckenridge’s Airport Legacy: Part 2

Breckenridge’s Airport Road remains the sole legacy of the history of airplanes and wished-for airport development in town.  From the beginning of Breckenridge as a ski town, airplanes played an important role in the community’s growth. And while…

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Breckenridge’s Airport Legacy: Part 1

Breckenridge has an Airport Road, but no airport. Curious residents and visitors often ask Breckenridge History about the legacy of Airport Road. Learn more about the long and convoluted history of airplanes and airports in the Upper Blue…

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March 07, 2023

Florence Watson’s Way: A poet in Breckenridge

Florence Watson was a poet in Breckenridge during the late 1800s and early 1900s. Her book of poetry, “Sweet Summerland” was exhibited at the Chicago World’s Fair and she wrote numerous stories for the local newspapers.

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April 26, 2022

Louis Ford: Part 3 – The Final Years

Louis Ford, son of respected businessman and entrepreneur Barney L. Ford, chooses a life of crime in Part 3 of this series.

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April 15, 2022

Louis Ford: Part 2 – Falls far from the Family Tree

Louis Ford is accused of theft by a client at the Cheyenne hotel owned by his well-respected father, Barney L. Ford.

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Louis Ford: Part 1 – Early Years in the Wild West

Breckenridge History reveals on how Louis Ford, son of Barney and Julia Ford, was influenced by the 1860’s Wild West in Cheyenne, WY.

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April 08, 2022

An Overview History of Breckenridge

Breckenridge History is the leading authority on the rich and colorful history of our town. We are a small non-profit with a dedicated and passionate team of staff, volunteers, and historians. Part of our mission is to share our town’s heritage with the public and we offer museums, tours, hikes, and gold panning here in charming Breckenridge. For those who prefer a good read or can’t make it to Breckenridge to visit us, we’ve written essays on various topics.

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March 29, 2022

Women of Willpower: Breckenridge Pioneers

Pioneering women of Breckenridge’s early days survived and thrived in the unforgiving mountain environment of Colorado’s mining communities.

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March 21, 2022

Helen Rich and Belle Turnbull: The Ladies of French Street

Belle Turnbull and Helen Rich were women of literature who found inspiration in gritty Breckenridge, Colorado during the Great Depression.

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March 03, 2022

Women of Willpower: Julia and Sarah Ford

Mr. Barney L. Ford ascended to wealth and political prominence in frontier Colorado but what about the women in his life – Julia and Sarah?

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February 22, 2022

Myth-busting: The True Story of Barney Ford

Mr. Barney L. Ford’s story changed completely in spring 2021 when the Breckenridge Heritage Alliance received a new primary source document.

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Young girl riding her pony in Breckenridge History Archives photo
January 24, 2022

Breckinridge or Breckenridge

Where did Breckenridge, Colorado get its name? Every town has its origin story.

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What Happened to John C Breckinridge

Lending his name to the town’s post office chartered in February 1860, John Cabell Breckinridge was linked to Breckenridge, CO forever.

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October 08, 2021

Celebrating the Indigenous People of Breckenridge, CO

Breckenridge History honors all history and celebrates the first human inhabitants of the area, the Utes.

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September 10, 2021

Father Dyer and Dyersville Ghost Town

Father John Lewis Dyer traveled to Breckenridge later in life but left his mark as a minister, miner, and mailman.

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May 15, 2021

Sam Adams and The Colorado River Exploring and Prospecting Party

Captain Sam Adams convinces the community of Breckenridge to help him seek passage to the Pacific, competing with John Wesley Powell.

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March 17, 2021

Breckenridge’s No Man’s Land Celebration– An Excuse for a Party

Locals of Breckenridge, CO celebrated No Man’s Land Festival for decades, eventually leading to Ullr Fest, its famed winter carnival.

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February 13, 2021

Breckenridge, CO: The First Ullr Dag Festival

Breckenridge’s first winter carnival, Ullr Dag, had a tall order to fill: make Breckenridge stand out from other ski resorts in Colorado.

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Breckenridge, CO: The Origins of Ullr

Breckenridge’s Ullr Dag festival was dedicated to the proposition that all are entitled to a weekend of merry-making.

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Jon Ballard, Larry Raff as Ullr, and Betty Jo Ballard
December 10, 2020

The Last of UllrDag

While UllrFest was canceled in 2020 due to the pandemic, that wasn’t the first time people thought they had seen the last of UllrDag.

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