April 26, 2022

Louis Ford: Part 3 – The Final Years

Louis Ford, son of respected businessman and entrepreneur Barney L. Ford, chooses a life of crime in Part 3 of this series.

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April 15, 2022

Louis Ford: Part 2 – Falls far from the Family Tree

Louis Ford is accused of theft by a client at the Cheyenne hotel owned by his well-respected father, Barney L. Ford.

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April 08, 2022

Governance in Early Breckenridge

When the first prospectors and miners arrived in what would become Summit County, no legal or governmental structure existed–no federal, state, county or town governments, no sets of laws–to guide their interactions.  This lack of a structure presented problems.  How did one file a claim?  How did one keep others from stealing that claim?  How could disagreements be settled?  To alleviate the problem, miners and prospectors adopted an idea used in California–the mining district.

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